Apollo Panoramas

During the 6 successful lunar landings, dozens of panoramic photo sequences were taken by the Astronauts. These consisted of about 20 separate photographic frames, which could then be assembled back on Earth into panoramic mosaics.

Below, using modern digital technology, Mike Constantine of moonpans.com has assembled the sequences into seamless single panoramic photographs, that gives a moonwalkers eye view of the lunar surface.

To see our flat images, choose your desired mission by clicking on the patches below:

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Apollo 11
4 Hi-Res pans
Apollo 12
4 Hi-Res pans
Apollo 14
1Hi-Res pan
1 Med-Res pan
Apollo 15
5 Hi-Res pans
1 Low-Res/VR pan
1 desktop Wallpaper
Apollo 16
6 Hi-Res pans
2 Low-Res/VR pans
1 Desktop Wallpaper
Apollo 17
9 Hi-Res pans
2 Hi-Res VR
2 Low-Res/VR pans
1 Desktop Wallpaper

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