Large Apollo Lunar Landscape Backdrops

Perfect for Space Museum Exhibits

Our Apollo Panoramas have been assembled at such a high resolution (about 100 Megapixels!) that they are able to be printed to dozens of feet wide! Making a perfect backdrop to Space Hardware such as a Lunar Module, or Lunar Rover. They would also be suitable for more general museum spaces such as corridors or assembly areas.

We are able to supply the Large Lunar Backdrops in a number of different mediums, such as Solid Panels, curved wall panels, rolled vinyl sheet, or just the digital image file allowing you to use your own print company.

Our clients so far include:
  • National Air and Space Museum - Washington DC
  • Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center - Hutchinson, Kansas
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Pasedena California
  • The Museum Of Flight - Seattle Washington
  • The Mining Museum Hall of Fame - Leadville Colorado
  • Space A Journey To Our Future - Travelling Exhibit
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • Ralph Lauren - New York City

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Some Examples of Our Large Apollo Lunar Backdrops

Jan 2015 - National Air And Space Museum - Washigton DC

Moonpans supplied the digital image file for this 18x10 ft corner display for the 'Outside the Spacecraft' exhibition at the National Air and Space Museum in Washigton DC to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Manned EVA. The backdrop is located at the centerpiece of the exhibition the display of gloves worn in space from several key space missions from both the Soviet and US Manned Space Programs.

image credit (National Air and Space Museum) and Mark Avino

May 2014 - THE PANGBURN GROUP office lobby

Two 20x6 ft box Canvas Panoramas, each made from 5 separate Box Canvas Panels laid side by side

The 5 Canvas panels before shipping

New in 2009 - Royal Ontario Museum

This panorama of Camelot Crater from Apollo 17 has been printed 9 feet wide and part of a display that is 6.5 feet high.

Kansas Cosmosphere Apollo Gallery Exhibit

This panorama of Harrison Schmitt using the lunar rake was printed from our 25,000px wide digital file over 2 walls at 16 feet and 12 feet.

In the background is a piece of moonrock brought back by Apollo 11. In the foreground are 2 fender pieces from the actual Apollo 17 Lunar Rover, brought back from the moon by Gene Cernan, and an original painting by Alan Bean of Gene Cenan and Harrison Schmitt trying to fix their broken fender, called "Fender Loving Care".

Space A Journey to Our Future Exhibition

Travelling exhibition to science museums all across the USA Apollo Lunar Panoramaic Backdrop

Museum of Flight - Seattle Washington

Shows Harrison Schmitt using the Lunar Rake, backdrop for both a full scale Lunar Rover and a small scale Lunar Module Ascent Stage.
Apollo Lunar Panoramaic Backdrop

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Also good for museums, are our

Apollo Virtual Reality Movies

These allow the viewer to pan around the lunar surface in 360 degrees, by dragging their mouse.

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