Alexei Leonov Signed 8x10 inch Photo

Hand signed by Alexei Leonov - The First Space Walker
Price: $395

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This 8x10 inch photo of Leonov performing the first ever spacewalk has been hand signed by Alexei Leonov in bold black pen with 'A Leonov - 1st Space Walk - 18-03-65'
Excellent condition - Comes with a Moonpans COA

On 18th March 1965 Alexei Leonov made history when he exited his Voskhod 2 Spacecraft to perform the first ever Extra Vehicular Activity in space. His EVA lasted just over 12 minutes, connected by an umbilical cord. Leonov had trouble getting back inside the spacecraft as his suit had become over pressurized, and he needed to bleed out air in order to pass through the hatch.

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