Apollo: The Panoramas - Videos with Mission Audio

Apollo 11 Photographic Panorama Videos with Mission Audio By Mike Constantine

In 2015 Mike Constantine published a book of over 50 Apollo photographic panoramas with comments from 4 Apollo Moonwalkers called, "Apollo: The Panoramas".

Today those panoramas have been turned into videos with the mission audio added. Starting with Apollo 11 these newly assembled images now have the voices of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin describing the scene from the lunar surface as the panoramas were being captured.

The Apollo 11 video can be viewed on Mike Constantine's YouTube Channel, who is planning on adding videos from the other Moonlanding missions, Apollo's 12 to 17.

For best results choose the highest quality, expand to full screen and turn on your sound

Apollo 11 only captured a handful of panoramas and the terrain was very flat, but as the missions progressed the terrain got more spectacular and the time spent on the lunar surface grew longer, so the videos will get much more interesting as they get to the 'J-Missions' (Apollo's 15, 16 and 17).

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Click on the images below to see some of the Apollo 11 panoramas from which the video is made

click on images for larger versions

Apollo 11 Ladder Pan - Captured by Armstrong at the foot of the ladder - The first photos taken on the lunar surface

Apollo 11 Plus-Z Pan - Captured by Aldrin and shows the only good 70mm photo of Armstrong on the lunar surface

Contact us for any questions or comments you have regarding the "Apollo: The Panoramas" videos

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