Apollo 9 Flown LM Cue Card

LM Cue Card Which Spent 10 Days in Earth Orbit on the Apollo 9 mission
From The Personal Collection of Jim McDivitt
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Jim McDivitt’s flown single-sided rendezvous timeline cue card from the Apollo 9 mission, 8 x 5.75, signed and flight-certified in green felt tip on the reverse, “Flown aboard Apollo 9, timeline for separated flight leading to rendezvous, Jim McDivitt, CDR,” with a sketch of a C-scope display in blue ballpoint above the signature, and the front side bearing four small sketches of geometric shapes.

The card, designated “Rendezvous” and displaying a ground elapsed time of 90:30 to 100:45, lists an extensive rundown of procedures leading up to and after the docking and undocking of the CSM Gumdrop and LM Spider, including phasing, insertion, navigation checks, and several mission control center updates. Housed in an appealing Lindner NIMBUS frame.

In fine condition. On the fifth day of flight, Commander McDivitt and Lunar Module Pilot Rusty Schweickart boarded the LM and undocked from Dave Scott’s CSM, eventually rendezvousing after nearly six-and-a-half hours of independent orbit. Enhanced by the rare presence of its in-flight drawings, this flown cue card served as an invaluable reference point for the astronauts of Apollo 9, the first crew to bravely and successfully test the capabilities of the lunar module

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The card comes (removable) housed in a wooden presentation frame with acetate window which allows views of both sides of the card

I have estimated that the card would have been positioned on LM Control Panel 1 in the position below

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