Apollo 16 Flown Medalet

Limited Edition Collectible, 1 of only 15

This Apollo 16 Flown Medalet was flown to the Moon aboard the
Apollo 16 Command Module Casper, and orbited the Moon for 5 days.

PRICE - was $2,495 now only $1,995

This Apollo 16 Mission Emblem Medalet, flew to Lunar Orbit aboard the Apollo 16 Command Module, Casper in 1972, and came from the personal collection of Commander John Young, who took these aboard the mission in a small sealed plastic pouch, onto which he has written, "Flown - John Young" (see photos below)

The medalet measures 16mm (.6 inch) in diameter.

Small sections of enamel are missing when viewed under magnification.

Comes with a numbered COA.

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The small plastic pouch containing all of the flown medalets, from which this medalet originated (not included)

Showing one medalet out of the pouch (not the actual medalet for sale)

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