Apollo 13 Flown LM RCS Schematic

This Apollo 13 Schematic flew onboard the Apollo 13 Mission to the Moon
and shows the signal flow for the RCS (Reaction Control System)
of the Apollo 13 Lunar Module. PRICE -

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This 36 inch by 10 inch schematic is pre-folded into 5 sections, and was part of the Apollo 13 Lunar Module Systems Data Book. It illustrates the RCS rocket engines with their corresponding signal lines from control switches and knobs located on the LM main control panel.

The RCS comprised of 16 small engines mounted in groups of four, which controlled the Yaw, Pitch and Roll of the Lunar Module.

This page comes directly from the personal collection of Apollo 13 LMP Fred Haise, and he has inscribed the page on page 32 with:
"Carried to the moon on Apollo 13, Fred Haise, Apollo 13 LMP".

PLUS - This Schematic Comes with a COA letter from Fred Haise

, in which he describes exactly what the item was used for.

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