Apollo 13 Flown Checklist Page

This Apollo 13 Checklist page was flown aboard the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission to the Moon in April 1970 as part of the Apollo 13 Lunar Module Malfunctions Procedures Checklist


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This 8.5 x 10 inch page came from the "APOLLO 13 LM MALFUNCTION PROCEDURES" checklist, Part Number "SKB32100076-386", Serial Number is "1001" which flew around the Moon in April 1970 on the ill-fated Apollo 13 Mission.

The page has been hand signed by Apollo 13 Commander Jim Lovell, Apollo 13 Lunar Module pilot Fred Haise and Apollo 13 EECOM, Sy Liebergot who has added, "We should think about getting in the LM, Flight" and details issues concerning Abort Staging. The rear side is blank
The Apollo 13 Flown LM Malfunctions checklist was originally owned by Jim Lovell up unto its sale at auction in 2008, where it was bought by Chet Diamond. This page comes with a COA letter from Chet Diamond as well as a CD-Rom which contains all of the pages in the checklist plus further files concerning authtication

Close up of signatures:

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