Apollo 12 Flown Checklist Page! SOLD

Incredible Flown to the moon page that was used during the mission by the Apollo 12 Crew,

The page comes slotted inside a unique 26 page Apollo 12 hardback Photo Book, produced exclusivley for this page

We are very happy to offer a fantastic new collectable from the personal collection of Apollo 12 CMP Dick Gordon

The page comes form the actual Apollo 12 Launch Operations Checklist that was used during the Mission, and accompanied the crew to the Moon

Page 1-3/1-4 deals with the Liftoff Switch Configuration of panels 2 and 3 in the Command Modules cockpit. This would have been used just prior to liftoff to ensure all the switches were in the correct position.

On the top right hand side of page 1-3, hand written notes can be seen which were made by Lunar Module Pilot Alan Bean, as the crew were preparing for launch.

Moments after launch, the Saturn V rocket was struck by lightning, and knocked out most of the instruments, but the crew kept a cool head and managed to solve the problem.

This page then spent the next ten days in space, with almost four of those days orbiting the moon.

Since returning to Earth, it has remained in the personal collection of CMP Dick Gordon

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