Apollo 11 Moon Dust Presentation

8x10 inch presentation photo with 2.5mm wide swatch of tape containing Apollo 11 Moon Dust from the Sea of Tranqulity
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Recently some microscopic samples of Apollo 11 Moon Dust sold at auction for $500,000, you can get a similar amount of Apollo 11 Moon Dust in this presentation at a fraction of the price!

This 8x10 inch presentation photo of the US Flag at Tranquility Base, has affixed to it a 2.5mm wide swatch of tape containing Moon Dust from the Apollo 11 mission. And is numbered #3

The dust came from Apollo 11 camera magazine 'S' which had been dropped on the lunar surface. When cleaning Magazine 'S', Terry Slezak who worked at the Johnson Space Center handling the Apollo 11 cameras directly after the mission, found that his hands were covered in dust and so he had to be put into quarantine. He was later presented with a board to which was mounted the original Magazine 'S' label, skin from the spacecraft, and a swatch of tape covered in the Moon Dust from the magazine. This swatch was then cut into smaller sections, one of which is on this presentation above.

A COA from Florian Noller that comes with the presentation reads in part: “I acquired the original source artifact-a poster board with an Apollo 11 moondust swatch attached-from the Superior Space Auction Fall 2001…The history of the original source poster board is as follows. It was given to Mr. Terry Slezak, a NASA photographer from JSC who, in the course of his duties became the first man to touch moon dust with his bare hands. One of Mr. Slezak’s jobs for NASA was to take the cameras from the astronauts after their flights, unload, and clean them. There were no problems with the Apollo 11 film magazines until he came to Magazine ‘S.’ When he opened Magazine ‘S’ he suddenly found his hands covered in moon dust. Unbeknownst to him, the camera had apparently been dropped on the surface of the moon!…Mr. Slezak was immediately quarantined as well and placed in the same quarantine trailer with the Apollo 11 astronauts.”

close-up of the 2.5mm swatch containing the Apollo 11 Moondust

If you want to buy this Apollo 11 Moon Dust Presentation please use the 'Buy Now' button above

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