Apollo 11 Flown Flight Plan Page! - SOLD

Flight Plan Page from Apollo 11, actually used by the crew of Apollo 11 during their historic mission to land the first men on the moon!

Click for larger version We are very happy to offer a fantastic new collectable from Apollo 11 LMP Buzz Aldrin

The framed piece features a page that was part of the Apollo 11 Flight Plan which was used during the first lunar landing mission in July 1969.

The Flown Page is accompanied by a COA letter written and signed by Buzz Aldrin

This is an excerpt from Buzz Aldrin's letter:

"Enclosed with this letter is a sheet numbered 3-12 and 3-13 from the Apollo 11 Flight Plan, Part No. SKB32100080-350, S/N 1001. It is part of the entire document that was carried to the Moon in Command module Columbia during the first lunar landing mission. This sheet is from the detailed timeline section and covers hours 14 through 18 of the mission.

Page 3-12 lists two hours of our first rest period which started at approximately 13 hours and 30 minutes after launch. Mike Collins fell asleep quickly and got about 7 hours of good sleep. Neil and I were awake a bit longer, but Neil managed to get about 7 hours sleep too. I found the experience of our Saturn V launch and other mission activities very stimulating. I reflected on those events and our upcoming lunar landing."

For the complete letter, see the full scan

This Apollo 11 flown item has been archivally framed using acid free mounts, and UV protective glazing that cuts out 98% of UV rays. It also includes two 3 inches patches from AB Emblems, and a brass plaque

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