Apollo 11 Flown Flight Plan Page

Flight Plan Page from Apollo 11, actually used by the crew of Apollo 11 during their historic mission to land the first men on the moon

Comes with signed COA from Buzz Aldrin

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We are very happy to offer a fantastic collectable from the personal collection of Apollo 11 Moonwalker, Buzz Aldrin. A page from the actual flight plan flown and used during the Apollo 11 Mission to the moon. It details one of the many rest periods that were scheduled to take place during the mission to ensure the wellbeing of the crew.

This particular rest period was during the journey back to Earth, giving Armstrong and Aldrin a much needed sleep after their stay on the Lunar Surface.

This is an excerpt from Buzz Aldrin's letter:
"Enclosed with this letter is a sheet numbered 3-115 and 3-116 from the Apollo 11 Flight Plan, Part No. SKB32100080-350, S/N 1001. It is part of the entire document that was carried to the Moon in Command module Columbia during the first lunar landing mission. This sheet is from the detailed timeline section and covers hours 161 through 165 of the mission.

Page 3-115 lists hours 2 and 3 of our second long sleep period after returning from the lunar surface and making the long engine burn to start the journey home to earth. Neil Armstrong and I were quite pleased to be back with Mike Collins in Columbia. The pace of our flight had slowed just enough for us to reflect on the events of the past few days - making the first lunar landing, the first lunar surface excursion, lift-off from the Moon, the lunar orbit rendezvous, and the start of our return home."

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Apollo 11 Flown Flight Plan

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