Apollo 11 Flown Checklist Page
Mid-Course Correction Burn Chart

Flown checklist page carried on board Apollo 11 labeled “MCC Burn Chart,”
Signed and flight-certified in blue ballpoint, “Carried to the Moon on Apollo XI, Buzz Aldrin,”
Co-signed below in blue ballpoint, “Michael Collins.” In fine condition.

Price: SOLD

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This historic page from the Flown Apollo 11 Flight Plan, was used during the return journey from the first manned lunar landing in July 1969. It is a burn chart for correcting the trajectory of the Apollo 11 spacecraft known as a Mid Course Correction. This chart is specifically for Mid Course Correction number 5, which occurred at 150 hours into the mission, to ensure the successful re-entry of the Apollo 11 Command Module back into Earth's atmosphere via the narrow corridor, which if too steep would mean the spacecraft would burn up and too shallow send the crew back out into space.

Measures 10.5 x 8 inches

Comes With Hand-Signed COA directly from Buzz Aldrin

Which reads in part:

“Sheet numbered 3-108a…is part of the entire document that was carried to the Moon in Command Module Columbia on the first lunar landing mission…This sheet is from the detailed timeline section and was located at the beginning of hour 150 in the mission. Page 3-108a has a grid of terms and values associated with the MCC5 or Mid Course Correction engine burn number 5…MCC5 was about an eleven second burn using Columbia’s Reaction Control System thrusters. We fired those engines at 150 hours and 29 minutes into the mission. It was a retrograde maneuver that changed our velocity by some 4.8 feet per second. We did this burn for entry corridor control, which fine-tuned our flight path angle at entry into the earth’s atmosphere.”

Accompanied by a printed excerpt from Michael Collins’s book Carrying the Fire referring to the MCC5 burn, a certificate of authenticity for the Collins autograph from Novaspace, and a photocopy of the cover of the flight plan. A fabulous piece from the personal collection of the Lunar Module Pilot that represents a mission-critical maneuver in the successful return of the Apollo 11 astronauts from their intrepid voyage to the lunar surface.

If you would like to buy this Apollo 11 Flown Item email us

If you would like to buy this Apollo 11 Flown Item email us

The Mid Course Correction number 5 is also mentioned several times in the Mission audio transcripts:

148:50:48 McCandless: Apollo 11, this is Houston. I have your Midcourse Correction 5 PAD available when you're ready to copy.

148:50:56 Armstrong: Stand by.

Comm break.

148:51:56 Collins: Houston, Apollo 11. Ready to copy.

148:52:02 McCandless: 11, this is Houston. Midcourse Correction number 5. RCS/G&N: 26025, pitch and yaw trim NA, TIG 150:29:54.53; minus 0004.8, plus all balls, plus 0000.1; 075, 159, 328. HA is NA; HP, plus 0023.0. 0004.8, 0:11, 0004.8. Sextant star 03, 090.8, 38.2. Boresight star block, none available. Latitude plus 11.02, minus 172.04; 1180.3, 36275, 195:03:33; GDC align, Deneb and Vega, 007, 144, 068; no ullage of course, four-quad thrusting. Over. Read back.

148:53:51 Collins: Roger. Midcourse number 5. RCS/G&N: 26025, pitch and yaw NA, 150:29:54.53, minus 0004.8, plus all zeros, plus 0000.1; 075, 159, 328. NA, plus 0023.0; 0004.8, 0:11, 0004.8. 03, 090.8, 38.2. NA three times. Plus 11.02, minus 172.04, 1180.3, 36275, 195:03:33; Deneb and Vega, 007, 144, 068; and four quads for the burn. Over.

148:55:17 McCandless: Apollo 11, this is Houston. Readback correct. Out.

Here are the full conversations between Mission Control and the Apollo 11 Crew around the time of the MCC5 burn.

Photocopy of the Apollo 11 Flight Plan Cover

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