Apollo 16 Flight Plans

Two Original NASA Publications from Apollo 16 (not flown)
Approx 475 pages and 180 pages including the full detailed Timeline
Price: SOLD

1. Apollo 16 Final Flight Plan - An original 8" x 10.5" three-hole punched, staple-bound manual of 475 pages, dated March 6th, 1972. Prepared by the Flight Planning Branch, Crew Procedures Division. It is divided into six major sections: "Flight Plan Notes", "Charts and Tables", "Detailed Timeline", "Consumables", "Abbreviated Timeline", and "Alternate Mission Timelines". The Detailed Timeline is particularly interesting- 410 pages of crew activities, planned minute by minute

2. Apollo 16 Change A Flght Plan - Dated March 27th 1972 containing approximately 180 pages of detailed timeline

LM Lunar Touchdown

Start of EVA-1

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