Apollo 11 Flown Coldplate Large Presentation

2.25 inch wide section of Apollo 11 flown coldplate, framed below a 20x16 inch photo of the Apollo 11 CSM in lunar orbit

Comes with Moonpans COA

Price: was $3,995 Now only $3,495

This framed presentation contains a 2 inch wide x 1 inch high (50mm x 25mm) piece of the coldplate shielding that protected the Apollo 11 Command Module systems from the extremes of temperature and radiation during their mission to the Moon in July 1969. The piece was cut from a larger section of Coldplate sheilding which was originally belonged to the Mascoutah Aerospace Museum.

This framed presentation contains the largest section of coldplate that we offer, at over 2 inches wide by 1 inch high x .2 inch (5mm) thick.

It was framed using archival materials below a stunning 20x16 inch photo of the Apollo 11 Command Module in lunar orbit and a brass plaque which reads, "Apollo 11 Flown Coldplate - This piece of coldplate flew on board the Apollo 11 Command Module in July 1969"

Items flown on Apollo 11 are the most sought after and highly valued of all the Apollo missions

Overall framed size is 24 x 23 inches

Comes with Moonpans COA and copy of the original COA from the Mascoutah Aerospace Museum

Close up of the 2.25 inch wide x 1.1 inch high x .2 inch thick coldplate section

Position where this section of coldpate was located on the lager piece

Notorised COA from the Mascoutah Aerospace Museum

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