Flown to the Moon - Apollo 10 Earth Landmark Photo

Taken from the Apollo 10 Earth Landmark Maps and Photos Checklist folder
From the personal collection of Astronaut John Young
Signed and Inscribed by Apollo 10 LMP Gene Cernan

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This Earth Landmark Photo was taken from the Apollo X Earth Landmark Maps and Photos Checklist. Which was flown to Lunar Orbit by the Apollo 10 Crew during their mission in May 1969.

The maps served the purpose of providing the crew with references in the event they were forced to splash or touch down in an unplanned area, outside of the prime recovery zone.

The overall checklist was retained by Apollo X CMP John Young until it was sold at auction in 2010. The maps have been subsequently signed and inscribed as flown by Apollo X LMP, Gene Cernan.

The front side shows Camaguey Provinces, Jamaica, the rear side shows Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Bay.

Gene Cernan has signed and inscribed the photo with "Flown to the Moon On Apollo X - Gene Cernan"

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This is the original checklist folder from which this page is taken

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