Apollo 15 Moon Dust 10mm Presentation

Actual Moon Dust from the Hadley-Apennines
10mm Swatch - Limited Edition number 11/50
Price: $1,395

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This 10x8 inch presention photo numbered #11/50 showing Jim Irwin Saluting the US Flag at Hadley base, has affixed to it a 10mm wide swatch of tape containing Moon Dust from the Apollo 15 mission.

The dust originated from the interior of a Beta Cloth Temporary Stowage Bag which was flown in the Apollo 15 Command Module 'Endeavour' and used by Commander Dave Scott to hold various items after re-docking from the lunar surface where it became contaminated with the lunar dust.

The bag was then sold at a major auction house where it was bought by Florian Noller, who then transferred the dust onto swatches of tape to make these presentations.

Condition - Photo has very subtle amounts of handling

close-up of the 10mm swatch containing the Apollo 15 Moondust

Comes with Florian Noller COA

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