Charlie Duke Hand Written Presentation

The Descartes Highlands - by Charlie Duke Apollo 16 LMP
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A stunning framed piece featuring an Apollo 16 landing site panorama to which Charlie has hand written an excellent description of his experiences while on the Lunar Surface, totalling over 200 words.

If you would like to purchase this presentation, email us

If you would like to purchase this presentation, email us

The text in full:
"Boy was I excited. The day had finally arrived - today we would walk on the Moon! The LM shades were rolled up, and the reflected sunlight was streaming in. It was a beautiful moon day, a perfect day for a moonwalk! Apollo 16 commander, John Young, was out first and as soon as he finished his speech, it was "here I come, babe!" I quickly climbed out the hatch and down the ladder and jumped on the ground. "Fantastic! That's the first foot on the lunar surface," I announced. "It's super, Tony, we're making little footprints here about one-half inch deep." It wasn't much of a speech, but I was really excited. Just imagine, I thought to myself, since the beginning of time, no human being has ever walked in this spot before.

The moon has a special beauty of its own. There is almost a purity about it - so still and pristine, unspoiled by any pollution of man. Directly over my head was the Earth, a beautiful blue and white jewel suspended in the blackness of space. Now, as I look back at the Moon, I hope that our footprints will lead the way for future explorers."

Charlie Duke
Apollo 16 LMP

Hand written pieces from Apollo Moonwalkers are very desirable, especially when describing their feelings of walking on the Lunar Surface.

The frame measures approx 20x14 inches, and is made from archival materials and UV protective glazing.

The print itself measures 16 inches x 11 inches and is a high quality photographic print printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. Charlie Duke's hand written text is in fine blue sharpie.
Comes with Moonpans COA

If you would like to purchase this presentation, email us

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