New Alan Bean Hand Written Presentation

On The Ocean Of Storms - by Alan Bean Apollo 12 LMP

Click for larger version We are very happy to offer a fantastic new collectable from Apollo 12 LMP Alan Bean

The piece features a unique Apollo 12 panorama to which Alan has HAND WRITTEN an excellent description of his experiences while on the Lunar Surface. Totaling over 180 words, this piece will be a treasured addition to any serious space collection.

Hand written pieces from Apollo Moonwalkers are very rare, especially when describing their feelings of walking on the Lunar Surface.

Measures approx 16.5 inches x 11.5 inches (to enable framing at 16x10) And printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. Alan Bean's hand written text is in fine blue sharpie.

  Alan Bean Hand Written Presentation - On The Ocean of Storms -

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The text in full:
I've been asked many times, "What were your thoughts as you made your first steps on the moon?" Well, for me, they were related to getting the job done, looking at my cuff checklist, I had to practice my mobility and stability, my arm motion and downward reach. I needed to make observations about boot penetration, soil scattering, and adhesion, and I had to practice jumping back up on the ladder. How I was going to do all these in the first 5 minutes were my first thoughts as I stepped onto the moon!

Later, as I was bounding to a new exploration site, I would look down and say to myself, "This is the Moon" And then I would look up at the small, beautiful, bright, blue and white sphere hanging in the mysterious, luminous black sky, and say to myself, "That is the Earth" It was difficult to believe we were actually here. I've tried a lot of ways and words over the years, and if you put them all together they probably expose my feelings about that incredible experience

Alan bean
Apollo 12 LMP

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