Apollo 17 Autographs

Apollo 17 Framed Presentation featuring signatures of Gene Cernan, Ron Evans and Harrison Schmitt

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A magnificent framed piece featuring signatures of all 3 Apollo 17 Crew members, Gene Cernan, Ron Evans and Harrison Schmitt on a 16 x 9 inch vintage panoramic assembly of the split rock at Station 6 - also known as Tracy's Rock after Cernan's daughter (Not a hi-res Moonpans assembly, but an early non-digital assembly probably done soon after the Apollo 17 Mission - The pan has fading, and a sepia like tone with a few surface dings)

The frame is supplied with UV protective Acrylic glass and uses Acid free mounts. Also contained in the frame are two AB Emblem 4 inch patches and brass plaque.

The overall framed size is approx 20" x 18"

Comes with Moonpans COA

close-up of the Schmitt and Evans signatures

close-up of the Cernan signature

close-up of the brass plaque

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