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Apollo 17 Crew Signed Anniversary Cover Framed Presentation

Came from the Personal Collection of Gene Cernan

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A magnificent large framed piece featuring the signatures of all 3 Apollo 17 Crew members, Gene Cernan, Ron Evans and Harrison Schmitt on an Apollo 17 Anniversary Cover, (cancelled on the 20th anniversary of the splashdown of the Apollo 17 Mission)

This cover is the closest thing to an official Apollo 17 'Insurance' Cover, as these covers were signed by Cernan and Evans before the mission, however Harrison Schmitt opted not to sign them. So the covers remained un-postmarked and incomplete for many years.

It wasnt until 20 years later that Cernan asked Schmitt to complete his signature and had the covers postmarked on the 20th anniversary of the splashdown on Dec 19th 1992

In subsequent years, a number of these covers were bought by a dealer in the USA who then stamped them with a rubber stamp in large black letters stating 'INSURANCE COVER no...' and made out that these were official insurance covers and even supplied a Cernan signed COA. However Gene Cernan himself stated on the collectSpace website that he wanted to distance himself from that COA and was more comfortable using the term 'Anniversary Cover' as the covers had not been postmarked or signed by Schmitt before the mission.

So what makes this cover more desirable than the supposed 'insurance covers' (some of which have sold for as much as $5,920 at auction) is that this one is still mint and pure without the ugly and misleading rubber stamp stating 'INSURANCE COVER no...'.

The cover has been framed below a 23x8 inch panoramic photo of Station 5 showing Harrison Schmitt close to Camelot Crater.

The frame is supplied with UV protective Acrylic glass and uses Acid free mounts. Also contained in the frame are two AB Emblems 4 inch patches.

The overall framed size is approx 27" x 17.5"

Comes with Gene Cernan Garage Sale COA from Novaspace and a Moonpans COA

close-up of the signatures

Gene Cernan Garage Sale COA

rear side of cover before framing

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