Apollo 8 Earthrise

The famous photo of Earthrise taken by Apollo 8

Apollo 8 Earthrise
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One of the most famous photographs from all of the Apollo mission and one of the most reproduced photographs of all time. This was the first time any humans had visited the moon and the first time any humans had seen an 'Earthrise'. This happened as the Apollo 8 crew passed behind the moon, out of radio contact with Earth. As they were about to come back around into view of Earth again their main task was to re-establish radio contact with Earth, however they were all taken surprise by how beautiful it was to see the Earth emerge from the lunar horizon. So several of the crew grabbed camera and snapped away with the credit for this particualr photograph being credited to Bill Anders.

This photo is printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper

Also available signed by Apollo 8 Commander Frank Borman

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