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Saturn V Launch Complex

Saturn V launch Complex
One of the most exciting models we have built has to be the Apollo Saturn V sitting on its launcher deck with the Launch Umbilical Tower. The tower and the swingarms are made from cast acrylic sheet which has been laser cut, then its sides assembled.
The vast amounts of stairway and 'plumbing' are industrial model parts. The launcher deck is built from acrylic, and is detailed with various plastic profiles.
The 6 deck stands are custom machined, and are made to carry the entire weight of the model. All swingarms are moveable.

This 1/144 scale model stands almost 3 1/2' tall and includes our high detailed Apollo Saturn V model, itself standing 30" tall.
This model also comes with a re-useable shipping crate.

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Also available in 1/48 scale.

Allow 3-4 months for delivery.