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The View From Space - A Message Of Peace - DVD - SOLD OUT

Narrated by Apollo 14 LMP Edgar Mitchell

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Hand Signed by Edgar Mitchell !!!

Is one-of-a-kind. Authored and narrated by Dr. Edgar D Mitchell, moonwalker and visonary. His poignantly detailed message contains wisdom and inspiration for all ages and expands our vision for a much better world.

This DVD includes fabulous music with awe-inspiring visuals from NASA, the Hubble Telescope and from Artisit Astronaut Alan Bean. Interviews, quotes and other special features illuminate Dr Mitchell's expansive insights, detailed in this DVD.

The DVD is also HAND SIGNED by Dr Mitchell

MAIN FEATURE - Approx 60 mins


Edgar's Insights
-Become Become” by Armand, Don and Angelina
-Promise Song” by Kids for Saving Earth
-Let There Be Peace On Earth” by Elaine Silver
Alan Bean Gallery


Now In Stock! A Guided Tour of Fra Mauro. High Quality panoramic print Signed and features labelled by Moonwalker Edgar Mitchell

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