Apollo 17 Flown LM Checklist Page 7-5 / 7-6
with Lunar Dust!

This Lunar Module Checklist Page was flown to the Lunar Surface and used during the Apollo 17 mission to the Moon. The rear side (page 7-6) is smudged with actual Moon Dust


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This page from the actual Apollo 17 LM Lunar Surface Checklist spent 3 days on Moon and was used by the Apollo 17 Crew after their 3rd EVA. The handrwritten arrow notations on page 7-5 were also made whilst on the lunar surface.

Page 7-5 was used just after the crew's 3rd and final EVA, and deals with the removal of the space suits, (including the Urine Collection and transfer assembly!) And also to tidy the cabin and store items from the EVA

Most of the Lunar Dust appears on the reverse side, 7-6. As it is not legal to buy Moon Rocks collected during the Apollo missions, items such as this are the only way to legally own any Apollo lunar material.

The page measures 8 x 5.5 inch

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