Apollo 17 Flown LM Checklist Page 8-5/8-6

- Lunar Surface Checklist Page used by the crew on the Lunar Surface
- Contains Handwritten notes written on the Lunar Surface
- Stained with smudges of Lunar Dust


This page comes from the Apollo 17 Lunar Module Checklist and was used in the LM whilst on the Lunar Surface. Page 8-5/8-6 was used by the crew towards the end of their stay on the moon when they were making their preparations for Lunar lift off.

Side 8-5 contains hand written notes made by the crew while the LM was on the lunar surface, detailing Guidance Computer and Gyro settings. As this page was used after all 3 EVA's had been completed, several smudges of Lunar Dust can be seen on the page including what looks like a lunar dust 'fingerprint' by one of the crew.

Side 8-6 details a RCS (Reaction Control System)test, these are the small steering thrusters that controlled the orientation of the LM. The crew are about to actually perform a 'hot' test firing of the thrusters. The figure (LO-:50) indicates that there are 50 mins before liftoff. This side also has various smudges of Lunar Dust

The page measures 8 x 5.5 inch

If you would like to buy this Apollo 17 Flown Item email us

If you would like to buy this Apollo 17 Flown Item email us

This is an except form the Apollo 17 Voice Transcript, that covers both sides of this page:

187:06:58 Fullerton: Challenger, Houston. Words on the radar. When you parked it there, we saw it go to the proper places. From all our indications, the interface between the radar and the PGNS is okay. And our best guess is some kind of self-test problem.

187:07:19 Cernan: Okay, Gordy. Thank you. (Long Pause)

187:08:01 Schmitt: Rate gyros are good.

187:08:05 Fullerton: Roger.

[Comm Break. They have now finished the items on Surface 8-5.]

187:09:24 Schmitt: Okay, Gordy. I'm going to go to Auto (tracking) on the S-band (the high-gain antenna), if you want it. (Pause)

187:09:40 Fullerton: Okay. We're Go. And go ahead with the check. (Pause)

187:09:49 Cernan: Okay, Gordy. I'll give you a call before I fire, but we're in the process of getting ready for the RCS.

[This will be a "hot" test firing of the Reaction Control System, the small steering rockets on the LM.]

187:09:56 Fullerton: Roger. (Long Pause)

187:10:20 Cernan: Okay, Gordo. Here we go.

[Comm Break]

187:11:39 Cernan: Gordy, the AGS check looked good.

187:11:42 Fullerton: Roger. (Pause) It looked good here also. (Pause)

187:11:57 Schmitt: Okay; System A, Quad 4 talkback still sticky.

187:12:01 Fullerton: Roger, Jack.

[Comm Break. The test using PGNS, which comes up next, is near the bottom of Surface 8-6.]

187:13:05 Cernan: Okay. Here we go on the PGNS, Gordy.

187:13:07 Fullerton: Okay, Geno. (Long Pause)

187:13:47 Cernan: Looked good here, Gordy. (Pause)

187:13:52 Schmitt: And, you've got Data and P00.

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