Apollo 16 Flown Charm

Limited Edition Collectible of only 15 SOLD OUT

This Apollo 16 Flown Charm was flown to the Moon aboard the
Apollo 16 Command Module Casper, and orbited the Moon for 5 days.

These Apollo 16 Mission Emblem Charms are rare and unique flown items. Only 15 of these charms were flown on Apollo 16 and as far as we know, similar items of this kind were not flown on any other Apollo missions.

Each Charm measures 18mm (.7 inch) in diameter, and the overall frame size is 32.5cm x 21cm (12.8 x 9.25 inch)

The 15 Charms are from Apollo 16 Commander, John Youngs personal collection, he took these aboard the mission in a small sealed plastic pouch, onto which he has written, "Flown - John Young" (see photos below)

Comes with a numbered COA

There are 2 options for purchase :

1. The Charm only as these have a hoop at the top it could be a great idea to fit a charm to a necklace or bracelet chain, allowing you to actually wear a flown to the moon item!

2. Framed Presentation We have also made these available as a framed presentation along with, mini Moonpan of John Young, NASA and Apollo 16 3inch patches and a brass plaque.

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