Apollo 15 Flown to the Lunar Surface Secret Flag and Robbins Medallion Containing Spanish Shipwreck Silver which Flew on Apollo 15

Flags were hidden by technician in Dave Scott's Oxygen Purge System so were carried across the Lunar Surface on all 3 EVAs by Scott

Includes an Apollo 15 Robbins medallion containing silver from a 1715 Spanish shipwreck ingot which was flown On Apollo 15

Two incredibly rare pieces of 'smuggled treasure' from the exploration of new worlds, centuries apart.

Comes directly from the personal collection of Apollo 15 commander Dave Scott who also provides the full story in his COA

Price: $20,995

If you would like to buy this Apollo 15 Flown Item email us

If you would like to buy this Apollo 15 Flown Item email us

The Flag in this limited edition presentation numbered 3/10 is one of the most rare, unusual and highly desirable items Moonpans has ever offered for sale. There is a hierarchy to flown in space collectables, going from flown to Earth Orbit, to flown to Lunar Orbit, to flown to the Lunar Surface. But the flag in this presentation went beyond being flown to the Lunar Surface, to actually being carried across the Lunar Surface during all three Apollo 15 EVAs inside Commander Dave Scott's OPS (Oxygen Purge System System). Plus, what makes these flags even more special is that Scott's OPS unit was worn by Al Worden during his Deep Space EVA, between the Earth and the Moon making 4 EVAs in total

Several of these mini US Flags each measuring 2.75 x 1.5 inches, were hidden before the mission by an unknown engineer in a beta cloth pouch inside a metal bracket within Dave Scott's OPS unit, which was located on top of the PLSS (Portable Life Support System).

It wasn't until after the mission, that the secret stash of flags were discovered and eventually handed to Dave Scott.

Accompanied by a signed letter of provenance from Scott, also numbered 3/10, describing in detail the history of each piece. In part: "I hereby certify that the small beta-cloth US flag…was carried inside a beta-cloth package mounted on an internal structural bracket of an Apollo 15 Oxygen Purge System (OPS) for three days of EVA excursions during Apollo 15, the first extended exploration of the Moon, July 26-August 7, 1971. The OPS, including this small beta cloth US flag, was attached to the top of the Portable Life Support System (PLSS) on the lunar surface such that in the event of a PLSS failure, the OPS flow provides 30 minutes of breathing oxygen to the crewman…Several weeks after Apollo 15, this OPS Bracket and Flag Package were shown to me by NASA senior management. According to management, a member of the JSC Crew Systems Division (CSD) had prepared the flags and secretly stowed them…I was given the OPS bracket and package of flags.

Image showing the OPS and the location where the small flags were hidden

Included in the presentation is a Sterling Silver 1.4" (35mm) Apollo 15 Robbins Medallion that contains Flown Silver from a 1715 Silver ingot recovered from a Spanish Shipwreck off the Florida coast. The Silver Ingot was carried to the moon by Al Worden then melted down and mixed with the silver from 176 unflown Robbins Medallions which were originally intended to fly on Apollo 15 but did not, due to weight restrictions. During this re-strike a spelling mistake of the word 'Apennines' was corrected.

Also included is a signed 6x4 inch photo of Dave Scott on Moon.

Overall size of frame is 13.75 x 16.75 inches, Flag measures 2.75 x 1.5 inches, Robbins Medallion measures 1.4 inch across. Comes with Dave Scott COA

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Close up of the Flag and Medallion

Close up of the plaque below the signed photo

Dave Scott's signed and numbered COA

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