Apollo 12 Flown US Flag

6x4 inch US Flag flown to the Moon aboard
the Apollo 12 mission in November 1969.

(USA buyers only)


This Apollo 12 flown US Flag measures 6 inches x 4 inches. It has been framed using archival materials (sewn onto white matting and surrounded by blue suede) along with an unflown Apollo 12 Patch and the signatures of all three Apollo 12 crew members, Charles Conrad, Alan Bean and Dick Gordon. Also in the frame is a brass plaque which reads, 'Sailed aboard Yankee Clipper and Apollo 12 to the moon, November 14-21, 1969 Charles Pete Conrad JR - Commander, Richard F Gordon JR - Command Module Pilot, Alan Bean'.

The flag itself has also been signed and inscribed by Alan Bean - 'Flown To The moon, Apollo XII Nov 69 - Alan Bean'

Also comes with an Alan Bean hand signed COA which reads:

Apollo 12 Flag Flown to the Moon
This American Flag was flown to the moon on Apollo XII, the second lunar mission in November, 1969. Apollo XII landed in the Ocean of Storms, and the crew consisted of mission commander Charles “Pete” Conrad, Command Module Pilot Richard Gordon, and myself as Lunar Module Pilot. This flag was among those few flown by me in my pilot preference kit aboard the command module Yankee Clipper.
I inscribed this flag in the lower right “Flown to the moon Apollo XII Nov 69 Alan Bean.” The mission patch is not flown but was autographed beneath by the Apollo XII crew shortly after our return.

Signed Alan L. Bean
Lunar Module Pilot, Apollo 12

It is also framed beneath UV glass is done in the blue/gold of the US Navy for the only mission with an all Navy team

Overall size is 15.5 inches x 22 inches - USA Buyers Only

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