Apollo 12 Flown Targets Of Opportunity Flight Chart

Flown and Used in Lunar Orbit on Apollo 12

Contains hand written annotations by Dick Gordon

Comes directly from Apollo 12 CMP, Dick Gordon's Collection.


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This incredible artifact from the personal collection of Dick Gordon was used in Lunar Orbit by Gordon during the Apollo 12 Mission in November 1969. Know as the 'Targets Of Opportunity Flight Chart' (SKB 32100097-301 S/N 1001) this large 6-fold lunar map details scientifically interesting regions and potential future Apollo landing sites for Gordon to photograph.

The chart is still in its original configuration of a taped 'concertina-like' 6 page loop. Where rather than one long map which would be a handful to use in the confined space of the command module, the loop allows the map to be browsed one page at a time, arriving back at the start when the last map has been read.

As one of the principal objectives of the chart was to photograph future Apollo landing sites, there are several which are visible on the map with the Apollo 13/Apollo 14 landing site at 'Fra Mauro' marked as a target. And the Apollo 16 landing site at 'Descartes' also targeted. Other regions visible on the map include, the Sea Of Tranquillity, The Ocean Of Storms, and the Appenine Mountains.

As the map represents an entire orbit of the moon, approximately 50% shows the far side, with the farside and nearside terminators marked.

There are extensive photographic instructions indicated by various symbols, such as focal length of the lens, film type and number of frames to capture, plus a large legend for shutter speed and aperture settings according to the CSM's position relative to the sun above the lunar surface.

If the chart were measured in its entirety, the total length would be 57 inches long by 12 inches wide. However in its current configuration, the folded size is approx 9.5 inches x 12 inches wide.

The chart comes directly from the personal collection of Apollo 12 Command Module Pilot, Dick Gordon, who has signed and inscribed the chart with, "Flown To The Moon on Apollo 12 - Richard Gordon. The chart has also been co-signed by Apollo 12 Lunar Module Pilot, Alan Bean

Comes with Moonpans COA

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This is the entire map as it would appear unfolded, click for larger image

Composite image showing the map over the full lunar disc with Apollo landing sites indicated.

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