Apollo 13 Flown CSM SCS Entry Monitor System Schematic

This Apollo 13 Schematic flew onboard the Apollo 13 Mission to the Moon
and shows the Command/Service Module SCS Entry Monitor System

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This schematic measuring 24 x 10.5 inches flew on one of the key missions in Space history, the infamous Apollo 13. It was carried in the Command Module, Odyssey and details the electrical workings of the SCS (Stabilization and Control System) Entry Monitor System - A piece of hardware used to visually monitor an automatic reentry, consisting of a mylar scroll backed with an emulsion that would be scratched away by a needle behind the display.

The EMS was a critical piece of equpment during reentry especially on Apollo 13 which had multiple problems prior to reentry including last minute course corrections, power issues, possible heatshield damage and crew fatigue.

The Schematic has been signed and inscribed "Flown to the Moon Aboard Apollo 13 - Fred Haise LMP" and "James Lovell - CDR Apollo 13".

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