40th Anniversary of Apollo 11

Photos of Neil Armstrong on the Moon

Apollo 11 Photos

The photos from Apollo 11 have gone down in history as some of the most famous photographs of all time. in particular the shot of Buzz Aldrin standing on the surface of the moon. Below is a chronological gallery of the Apollo 11 mission, from breakfast on July 16th 1969 to a ticker tape parade in Chicago after the mission.

  • Apollo 11 Launch day
  • Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong gets fitted into his pressure suit
  • The Apollo 11 Crew leave the Manned Spacecraft Operations Building
  • The Apollo 11 crew head for the van
  • Liftoff of Apollo 11
  • Apollo 11 The view from Earth orbit
  • Apollo 11 The distance from Earth
  • Apollo 11 Earthrise
  • Apollo 11 Eagle descends to the lunar surface
  • Apollo 11 The view from the Lunar Module during descent
  • Apollo 11 CAPCOM Charlie Duke along with Jim Lovell
  • Apollo 11 On the Moon
  • Apollo 11 One Small step
  • Apollo 11 Armstrong on the surface
  • Apollo 11 Aldrin descends ladder
  • Apollo 11 Aldrin erects the Solar Wind Collector
  • Apollo 11 Armstrong and Aldrin erect the Stars and Stripes
  • Apollo 11 Aldrin poses next to the Stars and Stripes
  • Apollo 11 Aldrin's bootprint on the Lunar Surface
  • Apollo 11 Aldrin on the moon
  • Apollo 11 Armstrong in the LM
  • Apollo 11 Aldrin in the LM
  • Apollo 11 Eagle returns from the lunar surface and prepares to dock
  • Apollo 11 The Earth gets larger on the return journey
  • Apollo 11 Crew are safely rescued after splashdown
  • Apollo 11 Mission control celebrate the successful  return of the Apollo 11 Crew
  • Apollo 11 Crew had to remain in quarantine for 3 weeks
  • Apollo 11 A ticker tape parade for the triumphant Astronauts

Apollo 11 Panoramas

Apollo 11 EASEP Panorama

Apollo 11 photos
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Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong at the LM Panorama

Apollo 11 Photos
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Apollo 11 East Crater Panorama

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