40th Anniversary of Apollo 11

July 2009 is the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11- The First Manned landing on the Moon.

To celebrate this, we have created a mini site in honour to mankinds greatest acheivement.

The Apollo 11 40th anniversary mini site includes a slide show of Apollo 11 photos , dipicting some of the best photographs taken during the Apollo 11 mission, a study of Photographs of Neil Armstrong taken on the moon, and a collection of Apollo 11 collectables available at Moonpans.com

Apollo 11 fulfilled President John F Kennedy's goal of landing a man on the moon, and returning him safely to Earth before then end of 1969. It was the culmination of the dedicated work of over 400,000 people and cost billion of dollars. Apollo 11 was the fifth manned Apollo flight and the first of 7 landing attempts, 6 of which were successful.

Facts About Apollo 11

Commander: Neil Armstrong
Lunar Module Pilot: Buzz Aldrin
Command Module Pilot: Michael Collins

Mission Dates:
Liftoff: July 16th 1969
Lunar Landing: July 20th 1969
Splashdown: July 24th 1969

Command Module: Columbia CM-107
Lunar Module - Eagle LM-5
Booster: Saturn V SA-506

Lunar Landing
Location: Sea of Tranquility
Lunar Surface Time: 21hrs 31 mins
Lunar Surface EVA time: 2hrs 36 mins

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