Edgar Mitchell Autographs

40 inch Apollo 14 - 4 O'clock LM signed by Edgar Mitchell

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Edgar Mitchell Autograph Signed photos
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Alan Shepard captured this pan from a position close to the 4 o'clock side of Lunar Module, Antares. So close in fact that the top of the LM was cropped out of the shot. This pan gives a great view of the landing site, with the LM tilted over on a 7 degree slope, and narrowly avoiding a small crater. You can also clearly see the disturbed surface directly below the descent engine. The umbrella like S-Band antenna is pointing directly at the Earth above, sending back TV pictures. It will also be used at the end of the EVA as a sun shade for the MET. The white rectangular obect in the foreground is the cover for the antenna. Edgar Mitchell is on the right operating the live TV camera, giving mission control a guided tour of the area surrounding the landing site.

Hand signed by Lunar Module Pilot Edgar Mitchell, in silver ink on a Fuji Crystal Archive lightjet photographic print

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