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Saturn 5


The Apollo 17 mission was the last of the Apollo lunar landing missions - and took place December 7, 1972 - December 19, 1972. The longest of the Apollo missions, the crew of Gene Cernan, Harrison Schmitt, and Ron Evans spent 13 days collecting data from lunar orbit and the surface, gathering 115 kg of lunar samples, spending over 22 hours on the surface and 147 hours in lunar orbit. The mission was deemed a complete success.

The Apollo 17 landing site, named for the Taurus mountains and Littrow crater, is located in a mountainous region on the southeastern rim of the Serenitatis basin. The site is surrounded by three high, steep massifs, with a range of sculptured hillsî to the northeast.

APOLLO 17: Complete Downlink Edition - Disc 1

EVA Training - Astronauts Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt training for their lunar EVAs. Audio from the post-flight crew science debriefing, January 8, 1973.

Geology Training - Boulder City, Nevada. Astronauts Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt practicing sampling and exploration procedures.

The Vomit Comet - 1/6th G training with LM hatch, LRV in KC-135 aircraft.

Altitude Chamber - CM America run with Cernan, Schmitt, Evans. LM Challenger run with Cernan, Schmitt.

Equipment Checkout - Flight hardware checkout with crew - LM and LRV and CM.

Rollout - Rollout of last manned Saturn V for AS-512 mission. Also features crew during photo shoot in front of Saturn V on the pad. Audio from pre-flight interview with astronaut Gene Cernan.

Ready to Go - Pre-launch dinner, suitup, transfer to pad and ingress. Audio is from the Apollo 17 countdown.

Night Launch - Apollo 17 was the first and only night launch of a Saturn V. The first launch attempt was cutoff at T-30 seconds due to a defective diode on a printed circuit card in the terminal countdown sequencer. The countdown was recycled to T-22 minutes, and liftoff occurred 2 hours and 40 minutes later than planned. Features the countdown to cutoff and the countdown to launch. Audio is from air to ground transmissions and the onboard recorder. Use your DVD player remoteís audio button to change audio tracks on-the-fly. Multiple angles of the launch are provided. Use your DVD player remoteís angle button to change angles on-the-fly.

Transposition and Docking - 16MM data acquisition camera coverage of the docking of the CSM America with the LM Challenger. After extraction from the third stage of the Saturn V, the combined spacecraft would coast to the moon, making only midcourse corrections. This operation was to have been televised, but the delayed launch caused cancellation of the TV configuration.

16MM Onboard Film - Includes SIV-B Tracking ñ 16MM DAC of the spent SIVB stage, Moon and Earth Views, footage of life aboard Apollo 17, America and Challenger undocking before lunar descent, sextant views ñ 16MM film of the lunar surface through the CM telescope, and documentation of the heat flow and convection experiment.

Chapter Stops

EVA Training

Chapter 1 - Suiting up

Chapter 2   - Rover

Chapter 3 - ALSEP

Chapter 4 - Sampling

Equipment Checkout

Chapter 1 - LM and LRV

Chapter 2 - Packing the CSM


Chapter 1 - 39A

Chapter 2 - Photo Op

Ready to Go

Chapter 1 - Dinner

Chapter 2 - Suitup

Chapter 3 - To the Pad

Chapter 4 - Ingress

16MM Onboard Film

Chapter 1 - SIV-B Tracking

Chapter 2 - The Earth and the Moon

Chapter 3 - Aboard 17

Chapter 4 - Undocking

Chapter 5 - Sextant views

Chapter 6 - Heat flow and convection


Apollo 17 - Extended Collector's Edition - Disc 2

Apollo 17 Landing Site Flyover - Created by Don Davis. This computer generated flyover of the Apollo 17 landing site at Taurus-Littrow shows the traverses of all three EVAs and the rugged features of the valley.

Landing at Taurus-Littrow - From the 16mm data acquisition camera shooting out the lunar module pilotís window. The Apollo 17 lunar module Challenger touched down less than 200 meters from the intended landing point.


The Apollo 17 EVA coverage in this disc set includes both the television transmissions and the air to ground audio from the astronauts during the traverses between stations. Since there was no television during these segments, the photographs and pans from the previous station and the traverse are presented during these portions. By selecting ìPlay Allî the viewer can watch the EVA straight-through as it happened. Television transmissions from the surface are derived where possible from videotape, as it yields a sharper image than kinescope. In one section, primarily the ALSEP deployment, kinescope yielded better results. The videotape has been processed through digital noise reduction and color correction where possible.

During EVA 1 Cernan and Schmitt were to unload and prepare the lunar roving vehicle, deploy the ALSEP, drop off the SEP transmitter, and drive a short distance to the crater Steno. At the end of the EVA the SEP transmitter was deployed but not turned on. About 15kg of samples were collected. Total duration of the first EVA was 7 hours and 12 minutes.

Commanderís First Steps - Taken by the 16mm data acquisition camera in the LMPís window. Covers the first 19 minutes of activities on the lunar surface.

Deploying and Loading Rover - Audio only with photos taken during first moments of lunar surface activities. Also includes EVA training footage of lunar rover deployment.

First Television - As the crew loaded the rover, the television became operational. The rover television camera was remotely controlled from Earth.

Driving to ALSEP Site - Audio only during short trip from the LM to the ALSEP site.

ALSEP Deployment - Activities to deploy the ALSEP, consisting of five experiments: heat flow, lunar ejecta, lunar seismic profiling, lunar atmospheric composition and lunar surface gravimeter. Additional experiments included traverse gravimeter, surface electrical properties, lunar neutron probe, cosmic ray detector, soil mechanics, and lunar geology investigation.

Traverse to Station 1 - Audio only with photographs taken during ALSEP deployment and during traverse.

Chapter Stops

First Television

Chapter 1 - Hey, It moves, itís alive!

Chapter 2 - The Old Flag

Chapter 3 - Off to deploy an ALSEP

ALSEP Deployment

Chapter 1 - Setting up

Chapter 2 - Drilling

Chapter 3 - Maneshevitz!

Chapter 4 - Geophone

Chapter 5 - ALSEP photos

Chapter 6 - Help!

Chapter 7 - Packing for travel


Apollo 17 - Extended Collector's Edition - Disc 3

EVA 1 (continued)

Geology Station 1 - (Station 1A) ñ Steno crater was used as station 1 in lieu of the preplanned station (Emory crater) because of accumulated delay time in the ALSEP deployment.   During the traverse to station 1, the fender extension came off and the crew had to contend with a great deal of dust. A fix was formulated and was performed at the start of EVA 2. Rover television.

Traverse to SEP Site - Audio only with photographs and pans from geology station 1

SEP Site - Rover television from the surface electrical properties experiment site. The SEP was deployed at least 70 meters from the LM and the ALSEP, and was designed to determine layering in the lunar surface. The SEP consisted of a deployed transmitter and a receiver on the lunar rover. Rover television.

Return to LM - Audio only with photos taken at the SEP site and traverse.

Closeout of EVA 1 - After each EVA the crew had to undertake procedures to safeguard equipment in the harsh lunar environment. Film and experiments also had to be accounted for to assure proper return of exposed film and collected samples. Rover television.

Back Inside Challenger - Audio only with photos taken during closeout, and remaining photos from EVA 1.


The Apollo 17 second EVA was the longest Apollo lunar EVA, at 7 hours and 37 minutes, and contained the longest traverse of any mission at 19.5 km. During station 4 at Shorty, orange colored soil samples were collected. The entire EVA is presented in this set. During times when the lunar rover television is off photographs and panoramas from the previous station or current traverse are displayed.

A New Day - Audio only during the initial moments of EVA 2.

Loading Up - Activities in preparation for the dayís activities, primarily geology to the west, and the South Massif. Rover television.

Traverse to Station 2 - Audio only featuring photographs and panoramas taken during loading up.

Station 2 - Nansen crater, where the crew sampled the rock debris at the base of the south massif. An additional brief stop occurred at station 2A to obtain an additional gravimeter reading and collect additional samples. Rover television.

Chapter 1 - We have TV

Chapter 2 - Sampling at Nansen

Chapter 3 - Earth in the sky

Traverse to Station 3 - Audio only featuring photographs and panoramas taken during Station 2

Chapter Stops

EVA 1 - Geology Station 1

Chapter 1 - 15 meters from a blocky rimmed crater

Chapter 2 - Hammer

Chapter 3 - Rake

EVA 2 - Loading Up

Chapter 1 - Good picture, Geno

Chapter 2 - At the MESA

Chapter 3 - Hello there, Houston

Chapter 4 - Fender fix

EVA 2 - Station 2

Chapter 1 - We have TV

Chapter 2 - Sampling at Nansen

Chapter 3 - Earth in the sky


Apollo 17 - Extended Collectorís Edition - Disc 4

EVA 2 (continued)

Station 3 - Lara crater, with the major geological objective being sampling of the scarp that runs north-south between the massifs. Rover television.

Traverse to Station 4 - Audio only with photographs and panoramas from Station 3 ñ Lara.

Station 4 - Shorty crater, focusing on deposits on the crater rim. An orange colored material, believed to be of volcanic origin, was located at station 4. Rover television.

Traverse to Station 5 - Audio only with photographs and panoramas from Station 4 ñ Shorty.

Station 5 - Camelot crater, including a search for dark mantle material. Stop on the way back to the LM. Rover television.

Return to LM - Audio only with photographs and panoramas from Station 5 ñ Camelot.

Closeout - Wrapping up the dayís work, preparing to rest for the final EVA on the following day. Rover television.

Into Challenger - Audio only with remaining photographs from EVA 2.


The third and final lunar EVA of Apollo 17 lasted 7 hours and 15 minutes, and featured a trip to the north massif. When astronauts Cernan and Schmitt left the surface at the end of EVA 3, they were the last human footprints on the moon to date.

Final Day - Audio only of initial activities at the beginning of the third and final EVA.

Loading Up - Packing and preparation for the dayís traverses. Rover television.

Traverse to Station 6 - Audio only with photographs from earlier in EVA 3.

Station 6 - North massif investigating boulders and boulder tracks.

Chapter Stops

EVA 2 - Station 3

Chapter 1 - The scarp

Chapter 2 - Down in the dirt

Chapter 3 - Houston ballet

EVA 2 - Station 4

Chapter 1 - Orange Soil!

Chapter 2 - Trenching

Chapter 3 - Shorty

EVA 2 - Station 5

Chapter 1 - Midday

Chapter 2 - Boulders

Chapter 3 - Hop, Hop, Hop

EVA 3 - Station 6

Chapter 1 - Are we parked on a slope!

Chapter 2 - Big rocks

Chapter 3 - 500mm


Apollo 17 - Extended Collector's Edition - Disc 5

EVA 3 (continued)

Traverse to Station 7 - Audio only with photographs from the traverse.

Station 7 - North massif, boulders and boulder tracks, including investigation of dark mantle and the massif/valley interface.

Traverse to Station 8 - Audio only with photographs and panoramas from Station 7 and the traverse to Station 8.

Station 8 - Sculptured Hills, investigation of the dark mantle plains.

Traverse to Station 9 - Audio only with photographs and panoramas from Station 8 and the traverse to Station 9.

Station 9 - Van Serg crater.

Returning Home - Audio only with photographs and panoramas from Station 9 and the traverse back to the LM.

Farewell - Final activities of the Apollo 17 crew on the lunar surface. Includes the unveiling of the commemorative plaque on the front landing gear of the LM and final statements from the lunar surface.

Lunar Liftoff -   At 188:01:36 GET the ascent stage of Challenger lifted off the moon to begin the return journey to Earth. The launch was captured by the lunar rover television camera and by the 16MM data acquisition camera in the LMPís window. The 16MM camera would not stay activated, so coverage from this camera is intermittent. The lunar liftoff is presented multi-angle, with television on angle 1, 16MM film on angle 2 and a combination of angle 3. Use your DVD player remote controlís angle button to change angles on-the-fly.

Sun Angle LRV Television - As long as the lunar rover batteries were active, mission control could view the Apollo 17 landing site, and did so to observe it at various sun angles. LRV television was also used to observe detonation of some of the explosive charges left behind.

Chapter Stops

EVA 3 - Station 8

Chapter 1 - Shiny bright

Chapter 2 - Downhill ski

EVA 3 - Station 9

Chapter 1 - Nominal station 9 here

Chapter 2 - Far off sampling

Chapter 3 - Across the boulders

Chapter 4 - Packing up

EVA 3 - Farewell

Chapter 1 - Back at Challenger

Chapter 2 - Saying goodbye

Chapter 3 - May the spirit of peace in which we cameÖ

Chapter 4 - Godspeed the crew of Apollo 17Ö

Disc Set Acknowledgments

Special thanks to Kipp Teague, Andrew Chaikin, Eric Jones and the contributors to the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal. Thanks to Don Davis for his spectacular rendition of the Apollo 17 landing site, and Peter Armstrong for his crawler sound. Also thanks to David Senechal. For Spacecraft Films thanks to Terri Nowlan and Jonathan Strickland. Digital film transfers by Bono film and video, Arlington, VA. Thanks to Benny Cheney at JSC, Houston. Compilation © 2003 Red Pepper Creative, Inc. All images and footage courtesy NASA unless otherwise noted.


Apollo 17 - Extended Collector's Edition - Disc 6

On the way back from the moon, Apollo 17 transmitted broadcasts during the lunar orbit rendezvous and docking operations, views of the moon just after the transEarth injection burn, coverage of Ron Evan's SIM bay EVA, and held an in-flight press conference.

The longest of the Apollo missions (not including the Skylab program), the 13 days of Apollo 17 ended with a splashdown in the Pacific Ocean about 3 1/2 miles from the recovery ship, the U.S.S. Ticonderoga.

The sixth and last Apollo lunar-landing mission also established many firsts - the longest lunar surface stay time of 75 hours, longest total surface EVA time with just over 22 hours, and the most samples returned to Earth, with about 250 pounds (115 kg) returned. The mission of Apollo 17 was qualified as an outstanding success.

Two multi-angle segments are presented on disc 6 - during the lunar orbit approach and during the transEarth EVA. These segments contain multiple angles of the same event, and can be accessed on-the-fly using the angle button on your remote control.

Chapter Stops

Approach - Lunar Orbit Rendezvous (multi-angle)

Chapter 1 - Do you have us on the tube?

Chapter 2 - Coming straight up

Chapter 3 - You look pretty

Chapter 4 - Good to see you!

Chapter 5 - I'm station keeping on you

Docking - Lunar Orbit Docking

Chapter 1 - Ron, You've got it...

Chapter 2 - 12-15 feet

Chapter 3 - Looking good, babe

Chapter 4 - Didn't get it

Chapter 5 - Capture

Chapter 6 - Go for retract

Chapter 7 - Message from the President

LM Jettison - CSM From LM and LM Jettison

Chapter 1 - CSM from LM

Chapter 2 - LM jettison

Chapter 3 - The old Moon

Post TEI Transmission - Views of the Moon

Chapter 1 - Fair winds and following seas

Chapter 2 - Tsiolkovsky

Chapter 3 - Grand tour

Chapter 4 - 1300 miles up

Chapter 5 - Tranquillity

Chapter 6 - Farewell moon

TransEarth EVA - Preparation

Chapter 1 - TV on

Chapter 2 - Starting out

TransEarth EVA - Part One (multi-angle)

Chapter 1 - Really blistered

Chapter 2 - See me wave?

Chapter 3 - Back for the pan camera

Chapter 4 - Houston, this is Ron

TransEarth EVA - Part Two

Chapter 1 - Thermal cover

Chapter 2 - Look at this

Chapter 3 - This is great, I'll tell you

Chapter 4 - Come back in

Press Conference

Chapter 1 - America

Chapter 2 - Questions and answers

Entry, Splashdown and Recovery

Chapter 1 - Coming home

Chapter 2 - Entry

Chapter 3 - Drogues

Chapter 4 - Splashdown

Chapter 5 - Ticonderoga

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