Send A Personalized Message Plaque to Space, The ISS, The Moon and Beyond
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AstroGrams™ is a new service that allows you to send a personalized message plaque to Space. Unlike previous missions which provided the ability to send digital messages, AstroGrams™ will send a physical foil plaque with your custom message into space, and for ISS missions your plaque will be returned to you to make a great flown item keep sake.

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Available Missions


Your AstroGrams™ will launch into space and reach an altitude up to 1,200 miles outside of Earth's atmosphere.

Mission Name: Eos
Launch Date: Planned Q1, 2020
Other Upcoming Launches:
Mission Name: Gaia
LaunchDate: Planned Q4, 2020


Your AstroGrams™ will launch and dock with the International Space Station (ISS) where they will remain for several months. Once the mission is completed your AstroGram will be returned to Earth and affixed to a Certificate of Authenticity.

Mission Name: Panorama
Launch Date: Planned Q3, 2020


Your AstroGrams™ will follow those amazing Apollo astronauts towards the Moon, around 239,000 miles from Earth. Your AstroGram™ will form part of a moon-bound mission, powered by an extensive rocket required to break from Earth's gravity and head on its journey towards the moon where your

Mission Name: Duke
Launch Date: Planned Q1, 2022


Your AstroGrams™ will journey to Mars, the 'Red Planet', where they will eventually be over 250 million miles from Earth. Your AstroGram™ will be on a pathfinder mission - headed towards the Red Planet giving you the opportunity to have your own artifact pioneering the discovery of Mars.

Mission Name: Chryse
Launch Date: To be determined


Your AstroGrams™ will launch from Earth and head towards new Galaxies - a truly ground breaking mission - heading away from Earth. Forever onwards.. with your own personal message to last indefintely, or for other future Life Forms to Discover.

Mission Name: Chronus
Launch Date: To be determined

Buy and Create Your Plaque now - Prices Start at $99

US Customers Only - International coming soon...

What you will receive immediately after purchase.
As soon as you have purchased your AstroGrams™ you will receive an official receipt. It will, show the message of your AstroGrams™, the chosen destination, and the serial number of your AstroGrams™.

Package you will receive after Launch.
The AstroGrams™ you have made will be sent into space to your chosen destination. If you have selected a mission where your AstroGrams™ are returned to Earth (The ISS mission) it will be affixed to the official Certificate once the AstroGrams™ are returned from space. If your chosen mission is to space an exact replica of your AstroGrams™ will be printed on your official Certificate. All AstroGrams™ will be registered with the International Space Registry®.

Your official Certificate will, apart from including your AstroGrams™, (attached if it is being sent to the ISS, or an exact printed replica of it is sent into space orbit) have a lithographed signature of Charlie Duke, LMP, Apollo 16 and CapCom, Apollo 11 together with the signature of the Launch Director. In addition your AstroGrams™ will be registered with the International Space Registry. This means that you can search, at any time in the future after launch, the International Space Registry® for a copy of your AstroGrams™ and the current location if still in space.

You will receive a welcome letter from Charlie Duke, LMP Apollo 16 and Capcom Apollo 11 detailing how he left a photo of his family on the moon when he walked there in 1972..

As part of your AstroGrams™ purchase you will receive a copy of the Rocket Manifest showing that your AstroGrams™ were loaded onto the launch vehicle. It will include the full rocket specifications as well as the rocket trajectory.

You will receive a sheet of AstroGrams™ stickers, six in color and six in black-and-white for your personal use. Use them to show that you have purchased AstroGrams™ or give them away or use them to decorate your fridge or perhaps notebooks.

Buy and Create Your Plaque now - Prices Start at $99

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