Apollo 8 Flown Updates Page

5x8 inch Updates Page flown to the Moon aboard the
first manned lunar mission, Apollo 8 in December 1968.
With Extensive In-Flight annotations made by Frank Borman

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This double sided page entitled, 'Maneuver' was taken from the Apollo 8 'Updates' book, Part number: SKB32100042-201, Serial number: 1003, which flew onboard the Apollo 8 Command Module during the first manned mission to the Moon in December 1968.

The page has been hand signed by Commander Frank Borman and Command Module Pilot, Jim Lovell, and also comes with photo COAs and a photo CD of Borman and Lovell signing and holding the page.

The page features extensive in-flight hand written notations by Borman, given to him by CapCom Ken Mattingly -
Excerpt from Apollo 8 Mission Transcript:

Ken Mattingly (CAPCOM): Okay. The first one I will give you is a TLI plus 44 maneuver PAD. I will start reading down the left-hand column. TLI plus 44, SPS/G&N 62970, minus 162, plus 129, 046, 056, 04.31, plus 00197, plus all zeros, plus 607 01 180 133, 001 November Alfa, plus 002 03 607 01 704 604 51 12 1375 349.The full transcript can be read here

At the top of the first page is written "TLI+44", meaning trans-lunar injection + 44 hours. It contains hand written information by Apollo 8 Captain Frank Borman that was relayed from Earth that could be used to get them home safely in case of loss of power or communications in their spacecraft.

On top of the 2nd page is written "2nd fly-by". This was another emergency maneuver relayed from Earth to Captain Borman. "2nd" meaning an update of a previous calculation of the same maneuver and "fly-by" being the name of the maneuver. This maneuver would have been used to swing the spacecraft around the moon without going into orbit using the moons gravity as a sling-shot to return them safely to Earth in case of loss of power or communications. This page was taken from the Apollo 8 flown "updates" book which had been in the possession of Apollo 8 astronaut Jim Lovell from 1968 until 2008

A truly great and important artifact from a historic mission, in this, the 50th Anniversary year of Apollo 8

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rear side

Frank Borman holding the page

Jim Lovell holding the page

A photo showing the whole 'Apollo 8 Updates' checklist from which this page is taken

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