Apollo 17 Flown To The
Lunar Surface Checklist Page

This Lunar Module G&N Dictionary Page was
flown to Lunar Surface during the Apollo 17 mission to the Moon

PRICE - $4,750

This page from the Apollo 17 LM G&N Dictionary flew to the lunar surface where it stayed for 3 days inside the Lunar Module, Challenger.

It was used as a reference to help the crew work the Guidance and Navigation systems, and came from the personal collection of Apollo 17 Commander, Gene Cernan who has also inscribed the page as "Flown To The Lunar Surface - Gene Cernan"

Measures 8" x 5.5"

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Rear Side

Here is Gene Cernan pictured holding the whole checklist

Comes with a copy of Gene Cernan's COA for the whole Checklist

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