Al Worden's Training-Used Apollo 15 CSM Updates Checklist
(Simulator and Crew Quarters Copy)

Manual used by Al Worden in the CSM Simulator and Crew Quarters directly before the mission

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Ring-bound quarters copy of the Apollo 15 CSM Updates checklist, approximately 53 pages (106 sides) plus cardstock covers, 6 x 8 inches, March 29, 1971, signed in black felt tip on the font cover, “Houston SIM Training, Al Worden, Apollo 15.” Affixed label on front cover, “Simulator Copy,” struck through and corrected with an ink notation below, “Qtrs.” Another along the top, “CMS–3,” again corrected to read “Qtrs,” with pencil notations to right, “Old 11/30.”

The “Qtrs.” notation is in reference to the personal quarters where the astronauts would have been held in quarantine a week before mission. Given that this particular copy was used by the mission’s command module pilot, this is an exceptionally uncommon manual from one of NASA’s most successful lunar landings.

Manual consists of six sections: P30 Maneuver, P37 Block Data, Earth Orbit Block Data, P27 Update, P24 Landmark Tracking, and Flight Plan Update. The P30 Maneuver section bears pencil notations to front and back sides of first page, and the final page of manual, “Photo Log,” bears ink notations, (see photos below). All other pages are not inscribed

The 53 Pages (106 sides) breakdown as follows:
  • P30 Maneuver - 19 pages (38 sides)
  • P37 Block data - 3 pages (6 sides)
  • Earth Orbit block data - 5 pages (10 sides)
  • P27 update - 10 pages (20 sides)
  • P24 Landmark tracking - 5 pages (10 sides)
  • Flight plan update - 10 pages (20 sides)
  • Photo log - I page (no tab) (2 sides)
  • Back cover is blank.
  • Email us if you would like to buy this CSM Updates Manual

    Email us if you would like to buy this CSM Updates Manual

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