Apollo 14 Flown to Lunar Surface Safety Line

Small swatch of safety line carried across the Lunar surface on Apollo 14
Framed along with a 23x8 print hand signed by Edgar Mitchell

This 1 inch section of safety line was part of a 100ft long cord that was intended to be used by the Apollo 14 Astronauts, Edgar Mitchell and Alan Shepard in the event of an emergency on the lunar surface, such as one Astronaut being helped from a crater by his crewmate. The cord travelled alongside the Astronauts in the MET (Modularized Equipment Transporter) across the lunar surface on both EVAs.

After the mission, the cord was cut into 1 inch sections and mounted on 3.5 x 2.5 inch presentation cards to give out as thankyou gifts to KSC Staff for their work on the mission. The text on the card reads, "Presented in appreciation of your role in Apollo 14's success. This small portion of the Lunar Surface Safety Line was carried by the Astronauts on the Moon's surface February 5-6, 1971."

Items carried across the lunar surface are the top of the 'flown items' hierarchy above items flown to the lunar surface inside the LM and items flown to lunar orbit.

Framed using archival materials beneath a 23x8 inch Apollo 14 Moonpans Panorama hand signed and inscribed by Apollo 14 Moonwalker Edgar Mitchell who labels several features in the pan such as 'Me', 'Cone Crater' and 'High Gain Antenna' and two AB Emblem 4 inch Patches.

Overall framed size is approx 27 x 16.5 inches

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the MET (Modularized Equipment Transporter) in which the safety line was carried.

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