Apollo 12 Flown to the Moon Checklist Covers and Rings

Front and rear Covers plus 3 metal rings
Both covers signed and inscribed by Apollo 12 LMP Dick Gordon

Possible traces of Lunar Dust

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These two heavy card covers measuring 8.2 x 10.5 inches along with 3 metal rings, housed the Apollo 12 CSM Lunar Landmark Maps. The whole checklist was flown to Lunar Orbit in November 1969 and was used extensively by Dick Gordon to identify and photograph features around the Apollo 14 and Apollo 16 Landing Sites.

The covers appear to have dark smudges scattered all over, including what looks like fingermarks at the bottom of the front cover. There is a good probability that these dark smudges are caused by Lunar Dust, as it was known that Conrad and Bean had issues trying to clean the dust of their EVA suits and equipment used in the LM, before transfering everything back to the Command Module

Included in this lot are:

  • Front Cover with printed title, "APOLLO 12 - CSM LUNAR LANDMARKS MAPS - PART NO. SKB321000081-322, S/N 1001" with Dick Gordon's hand signed autograph and inscription, "Flown on Apollo XII, Richard Gordon, CMP"
  • Rear Cover, also with Dick Gordon signature and inscription, "Back Cover for Lunar Maps, Flown on Apollo XII - Richard Gordon"
  • 3 Metal Rings (flown also)

  • **Please note there are NO maps included in this sale**

    Front Cover

    Rear Cover

    Internal sides

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