Apollo 10 Flown LM Cue Card

Used by Cernan and Stafford in Lunar Orbit
Originally from the collection of Gene Cernan
Comes with Gene Cernan COA

Price SOLD

This Apollo 10 Lunar Module Rendezvous Radar Cue Card measuring 3.25x1.75 inches, was used by Gene Cernan and Tom Stafford in Lunar Module, 'Snoopy' whilst in lunar orbit to judge the distance to John Young in the CSM, 'Charlie Brown' during rendezvous and docking. It is a table that converts volts to distance (the weaker the volts the greater the distance and vice-versa). The rear side has velcro patches that attached the card in a promenant position on the Lunar Module cockpit panel, within eyeview of the crew.

The card comes with a Gene Cernan COA, which reads in part:

“The accompanying Apollo 10 LM (Lunar Module) Rendezvous Radar Cue Card was flown into low lunar orbit in May 1969 aboard the lunar module ‘Snoopy’ on the second manned mission to the moon…The Rendezvous Radar cue card was a conversion table that gave us the ability to convert distance to volts that could be read from the Abort Guidance Computer and allowed us to gauge our distance from the command/service module during rendezvous and docking maneuvers in lunar orbit…This LM cue card has remained a treasured part of my personal space collection for more than thirty-five years, ever since NASA presented it back to me in 1969…This complete Lunar Module Rendezvous Radar Cue Card remains both a historic tool from one of the manned lunar voyages, a rare example of an astronaut flight-certified artifact returned from the Moon.”

The card has been framed below a large photo (visible size 14x18 inch) of the Apollo 10 LM in lunar orbit signed by Tom Stafford. Alongside 3 inch patches and a brass plaque.

Overall framed size is 19x26.5 inch

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Rear side of card before framing

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